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Anyone full term?

I am 40 weeks pregnant tomorrow and ready.  Will I KNOW if I am in labor? I could have sworn I was in labor multiple times now, but clearly not.  Any insight on how to promote labor (spicy food, walking stairs, birth ball, anything else)??

Re: Anyone full term?

  • you will know. real labor is alot different than the false stuff babys like to pull sometimes. With my 1st i thought i was in labor many difff. times but the last time when it was real was completly diff.  for my 2nd i had no questions as to when i was in labor. For both babies 2 days before my due date I had sex and the next day (for both)  iad them. it works wonders! :) also walk, alot! IDK what part of mass you are from but find a nice park or soemthing with things to look at so you dont get bored and just walk walk walk! Good Luck!
  • I was full term last Wed. and had my membranes stripped that day. The next night I had a false alarm and called the midwife due to irregular/regular contractions that made me feel uncomfortable crampy and back achy. I took a bath and tylenol pm and went to bed and basically contractions went away by the morning. Then nothing all day. But by 9pm I was having sporadic contractions that felt different. By 1:15 am they were coming more regular and I started timing them in bed. By 3am I called the midwife and by 4am we were in the car on the way to the hospital (I got there at 7cm!). The real contractions for me started very low around the bikini line and worked their way up and are quite intense coming in waves. They build and then come down. Believe you will know!! This was my second and I was still baffled until the real deal. Good luck!!
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