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Hello all, i wanted to ask a very important question. I just found out am pregnant. Am so excited because a couple of months ago I wrote in here that I wanted a baby but haven't had any luck and now I can't believe that it is actually happening now. So my question is does anyone know of a good Kaiser OB/GYN in Otay Mesa location?

Thanks for all your answers in advance.


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  • Congratulations.  I don't have a suggestion for Otay (my Kaiser OB/GYN is in San Marcos).  You might try calling the appointment center and asking for suggestions.  My OB/GYN ended up being recommended when I needed an appointment (my other OB/GYN had retired) and I ended up loving him. 
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  • I really liked my midwife. Her name is Donna Borowy. She is at Kaiser Otay Mesa.
  • I don't have advice on an OB/gyn but wanted to say Congratulations!
  • Thank you ladies I think I will call to see what they recommend. Thanks again.
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