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My sisters 3rd baby!

Thought I'd share my sisters 3rd baby experience cause it was pretty crazy! Baby Bethany was born May 23, 2009.

My sister has a history of preeclampsia and her labor had to be stopped 3 times near the end of her pregnancy. She went into labor May 22 at 38 weeks but it was very light contractions. Throughout the night she said it got even lighter cause we thought for sure we would get a call and 3 in the morning.  The next day she said they started going worse around 8am. Around 3pm ( I think) she decided to head to the hospital because the contractions got unbearable and she thought for sure she had to be a few centimeters along. So she got to the hospital and they told her was only one centimeter! As she got this news me and my mom had just pulled up to the hospital and we almost decided to head back home but went the park near by instead just in case.

Well we get a call about 45 minutes later that they decided to check her again before they sent her home and she was 5 centimeters! So we waited to get another call saying we could go and see her and about 20 minutes later get a call that we should come right away! We get there 5 minutes later and she is already 9.5 centimeters and ends up having the baby an hour later!  What a crazy delivery! Well at least I thought it was!

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