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How goes it BOTB?

I'm off work tomorrow because my daycare provider has to put her down dog. :(  It's so sad since he's like our dog too.  But he has cancer and he's suffering.  So I'm watching her daughter while they do it and she's taking the rest of the day off.  Not like I mind.  That gives me more time with my baby girl!

Re: How goes it BOTB?

  • nlvadennlvaden member
    True!  I hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow!
  • Sad about your daycare provider's dog.  But, enjoy your day off tomorrow!
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  • tri047tri047 member

    Sad!  :(  I'm glad you get to spend time with Em though.

    I love the new siggy pic!  How is she liking solids?

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  • She loves rice cereal.  Today while feeing her she just kept woofing it down!  The second I would get the cereal on the spoon her mouth would open wide and she was ready for more.  I'm hoping it helps with her hunger!  She's eating every 2 hours.  So if I throw a feeding of cereal in once a day, maybe I'll get a break where she goes 3 hours at one time! lol
  • tri047tri047 member
    Wow!  I can't believe she is still eating every two hours!  I hope it helps too SP!
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  • Yup.  The only break I get it as night.  She's still waking up 1-3 times a night.  Last night it was 3 times.  It sucks but she's just a hungry girl I guess.  Part of the reason we decided to start solids when we did.  And so far I dont' regret it one bit.  My breast need a break!  I'm still pumping after every feeding just to get enough for her for daycare.  It's exhausting.
  • tri047tri047 member

    OMG!  I can't believe she wakes up 3 times a night sometimes.  No wonder you are so tired SP!

    I bet its exhausting!  I am already trying to get a stock pile of breast milk before CJ starts daycare in August.  I am worried my supply will completely die when I go back to work.  I will only be able to pump probably once at

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  • Ugh that sucks.  I pump 3 times at work and my supply blows.  Fenugreek did nothing for me.  The only think that helps is pumping all damn day.  But it's worth it....right?  lol

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