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Has anyone been to Africa?

Looks like we may have an oportunity to go next summer/fall. My friend went last winter and had an amazing time. Just wondering about any personal experiences with vaccinations / lodging and such...

Edit: I am talking about deeeep Africa- like Kenya, Tanzania and such. Not nothern af like morocco or tunisia.

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Re: Has anyone been to Africa?

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    Never been but would LOVE to go.  :jealous::  :)

    P.S. - Your chart is still looking super promising CK..

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    I lived in Egypt and traveled in Kenya/Tanzania when I was younger.  Lodging in Kenya was interesting. It was a nice hotel that consisted of hut type rooms (it was a safari lodge) and that was a little scary because the animals would totally walk around there at night, between all the huts and the main buildings.

    Also, my mom got Malaria while we were there. Awesome, right? But totally worth it. Your doc could let you know all the lovely shots and pills you'll need. There are a number of anti-malaria pills you can take, none of which are guaranteed to work. A mosquito net is your best friend.

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    I have not been but would LOVE to go.

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    Yes! Egypt, Morocco and Kenya. We want to go back to Kenya- we went 8 yrs ago so its been a while. A side trip to Zanzibar would be cool!
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    Went to Uganda in '02, which is a while ago now, I guess!  Loved it.  Stayed in hotels in the city, and then bungalows near the nature preserves.  All were fine.  Check with your doc, but in terms of vaccines, I think I got my Hep A & B series, tetanus booster, typhoid, and yellow fever.  Also took malaria pills.  If you are an adventurous eater, I'd also bring Pepto, Immodium, and ask your doc about Cipro.

     I am going to central america in a few weeks and just got updates of some of those shots-- they asked me like 10 times if I was pregnant, so keep that in mind with your timing.

     Hope you get to go! 


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