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Teachers back at work...

I know I still have a LONG way to go until I'm at this point, but I'm completely new and clueless this experience, and want to be as informed as I can.

I'm a high school teacher, and will be going back to work after 8 weeks off. Teachers, when do you find time to pump? It's not like we have a job where we can just excuse ourselves. Also, what kind of room do you use? Of course I work with moms, but the ones I have talked to have all ended up FF for one reason or another, and my girlfriends who do EBF are stay-at-home moms.


Re: Teachers back at work...

  • It really sucks! I pump right before school starts, three hours later at my lunch, two hours later at our recess and then will nurse when I get home. Do you have a prep period? It sounds like you'll have to pump at lunch and prep.?I pump in a little storage type room in our computer lab.?

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  • I went back only for the last day of school and tried out my pumping plan for August when I return full time.  Nursed DS at 6:30, pumped at work at 8:15 (contract starts at 8:30), at 11, at 2, and after school at 4:15 (I have a 45+ minute commute home) nursed DS just after 6. 

    I have a unique situation that I have a full time assistant, so I just excused myself for 20 minutes at 11 and 2, and she covered the classroom.  Next year I plan to okay with my prinicipal that I split my prep into two 25 minute sessions instead of one 50 minute block; I have kids in my room all day and my assistant covers my prep, so 2 shorter sessions should be better for her as well. I'll work while I eat during my lunch break. I'm in a multi-grade self-contained room, so I am fortunate to have a very flexible schedule.

    I used a small storage room in the nurses office. She just keeps junk in there now. It's the only room in the school besides the bathrooms that doesn't have a window in the door.  I also used the nurse's fridge.

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  • I hate pumping at work but alas it must be done. I teach hs too. My schedule is nurse ds before I leave him, pump about 3 hrs later during my planning, pump at my next planning 2 hrs after the first pump and then pump at the end of the day before I head home. I am having some issues so my lc recommended I pump when I get to work for atleast 10 mins b/c between his feeding and my first pump is about 4 1/2 hrs which she feels is a long time.

    I pump in the smelly atheletic training room which sucks but hey schools aren't the most friendly places for pumping moms. GL Maybe you can speak to an admin before you return so that your pumping space will be waiting your return. I had a horrible experience where using an unused office space in the building made one of my female coworkers uncomfy so I was asked to relocate. You don't want to have that happen to you.

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  • I would nurse before I left the house at 6:15 and then I could pump at 9:30 in my closet in my classroom.  Not the best place but private and no one would bother me.  I would again pump when my kids were at PE after lunch 12:30 and then join them after I was done.  Check to see what your law is in your state for nursing moms.  They need to let you pump. 
  • I'm a hs teacher, too, and it actually hasn't been that bad so far (I've only been back at work 2 weeks). I nurse ds when I wake up at 5am, then I pump right before my first block (7am). I pump again at lunch (11am) and then during my planning period (1:30). I'm lucky because I have an office attached to my classroom that I use, but I think there are a few places I could use in the building if that wasn't an option. Talk to an administrator that you feel comfortable with! Mine were so supportive and even let me switch my lunch so that my schedule would work out better.

    Good luck!

  • The nurse in my building changed a little storage room into a breast pumping room because there are so many teachers pumping.  Most people pump during their prep and at lunch.  My principal has let people switch their duty and prep around it made it better for pumping.  I have not been back to work so I cannot speak from personal experience.

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