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Got my pedometer!

Are we still on to start our walking challenge tomorrow, with our first check in on Tuesday? And is the challenge just going to be to walk 10k steps?

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Re: Got my pedometer!

  • Got mine too.  I think this week, for the first few days, I'm going to be below, but that's b/c I want to test the pedi and see what a few 'normal' days are for my #, then I'll work towards the 10k.  I'm just so curious how many I currently walk.
  • That's the plan. But, I usually count other forms of working out as steps, too (since that's what we do for our work challenge).  I put a link in Withoutshoes's original post on Friday for a conversion chart.
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  • Hey Ladies,

    Unfortunately, I had to order my pedometer...AGHHH!  But, I have my crappy one in the meantime.  I'm going to walk like I "normally" do b/c I'm curious as to how many steps I take.  Then, I will work towards 10,000 steps +++.

    what kind of pedometer did you ladies end up buying?

    "Christmas 2011"

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  • I might start off with a couple days of normal activity too... I'm curious how "active" my lazy ass really is.. ;-)

    Jules--I think I'm going to just count my actual steps. I want to try and get 10k steps AND keep up with my regular gym workouts... we'll see how that goes though. :-)

    Good luck everyone!

    Oh, and I just picked up this one from Target.. Nonthing fancy, but I decided I wanted a small one.. 

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  • I got the one I linked in my PP from REI.
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