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We don't have official word yet, but I just spoke to Tim about how last night went. The diaylsis had one low drain volume alarm and that was on the first drain of the night, which isn't uncommon at all. He ended the treatment with a positive UF (meaing the machine pulled more fluid off than it put in). The sleep study nurse put a nasal cannula on Max that reads how much CO2 Max is putting out along with how much pressure is behind his breaths. They can also give him oxygen through it. So she turned the oxygen on at a 1/4 of a liter (which is VERY low) and Max kept his sats at 94-95% all night. He never had trouble breathing as far as retractions go. Tim said he looked very comfortable and slept well. Max woke up once to roll on his side and they had him to where he had to stay on his back, but other than that he did great considering he looked like an "ant" according to Tim.

We don't have the blood gas results back yet, which I am impatiently waiting to here, but overall I would say that last night went fantastic compared to Thursday night. Thank you all for the continued love, support and prayers. You keep pushing us to be the best that we can be and we are greatful for that. I'll post again this afternoon with more updates and hopefully the new and improved plan.

Thanks again Ladies!  Enjoy your beautiful weekend!

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    I'm soooo glad to hear things seem like they're looking up.  Hope everything continues to go well for you and your fam, and you'll be in our T&P. 
  • I am soooo glad last night went well!  Max continues to fight through all this and he will continue to fight!  I continue to keep you all in my prayers that everything will turn out well!  Go Max!
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  • I'm so glad to hear this!!!  Kiss that beautiful boy for us, and keep giving us good news!  Smile
  • Yeah!!! You were in my thoughts and prayers!!!
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  • This is great news for you guys. I've been thinking about you since yesterday and hoping that this works out for you. It sounds like things are really looking up!
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  • I am so glad to hear things went well last night!  I have been thinking about you guys.
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  • I'm so glad to hear your good news! I cried for you yesterday.
  • What a strong little man! ?Continued good vibes for you all.
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  • I'm so glad to hear that things are going better today!
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  • Congratulations!  I hope you get quick positive results on the blood gas. 
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  • Wonderful!  I hope this is just the start of many many good news updates!  Your little boy is a fighter!  Continued thoughts and prayers....
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  • Max is such a little fighter, I am glad that things turned out well.

    Continued good thoughts and prayers coming to you and Max!! Smile

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  • Yay!  I logged on just to see if you'd updated yet.  I'm so happy for your family and will pray that Max continues to do well!
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  • Great news!  I am so glad to hear it.
  • I'm so glad to hear that things seem to be doing alot better. Keep fighting Max. Thoughts and prayers continue to be with your family and Max.
  • That's great!!
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