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linea negra?

For those of you who had the line, how long does it take to go away? I still have mine big time. It does go away right?

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  • I'd like to know this too. :-) Mine's still there at almost 5 mos pp. It has definitely faded, but I wondered if it ever completely goes away..

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  • I'm only 4 weeks post and am sooo ready for mine to fade away! :)
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  • Almost 8 months later and my is still there...its faded from how it was but its still there!
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  • Mine's gone now.  I can't remember how long it took to go away.  It was a very gradual process, and mine wasn't even that dark to start with.  But it's definitely all gone now at a year, and has been for some time.
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  • I'd say mine was average darkness when I was PG, but now it's dark as all of the skin collapsed together (haha, gross!)  My OB said it would take another month or so (at my 6 week appt this week) but based on the other responses, looks like he lied to me!!!  Ugh.  LOL!
  • 13 months later and mine is still barely there.  I think I'm probably the only person who would notice it, but I can definitely still see it.

  • 9 mos and mine's still there, faded, but there. My friend could tell it's it's not just me. Stick out tongue
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  • I was wondering about this as well. Thanks for the input, experienced moms. :)
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  • About 6 or 7 mos. pp I wanted to spray tan before a wedding, so I exfoliated really well to help the spray tan stick, and that seemed to really fade it out a lot! ?[the exfoliation, not the spray--although it did camouflage it some].
  • I was wondering the same thing! Sounds like it might be sticking around for awhile...Sad
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