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Help...Need Homeowner's Insurance Recs

We just got our renewal bill from our Homeowner's insurance company and HOLY Guacamole! It went up $600 in a year. So we want to get quotes from other companies to make sure we are still getting the best deal out there. Can I please get some recommendations????

Yet another thing to worry about. Gotta love it!

Re: Help...Need Homeowner's Insurance Recs

  • I don't know who ours is with, but it is written through State Farm; we recieve a multiple line discount: car/house/life, etc. 

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  • I've heard good things about "The Insurance Guy" in Coral Gables. You can google it and he'll pop up. They give good rates.


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  • TayLynnTayLynn member
    We have Liberty Mutual.  GL!
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  • We have ours through State Farm, but I don't think they're writing homes in Florida anymore. Check with your current company to make sure you're already getting all the discounts you can qualify for.
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