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Abby was crying in her bouncer. I ignored her a bit as I was trying to finish up a little work. I went to get her and saw brownish on her onesie and thought that I must have spilled coffee on her on the way upstairs. She didn't cry on the way up so I wasn't worried that she had been burned. I picked her up and it was all over her back as well. It was then that I realized it was poop and not coffee though they were the same color. No wonder the poor kid was crying, I would have too. She was covered all over.
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Re: Mom of the Year Nominee

  • Poor thing...at least she wasn't playing in it.
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  • I've had the same exact thing happen to me... and more than once!  You'd think I'd learn!  :)  Now, if he's in the bouncer and fussy, the first thing I check is his diaper.  For some reason, the bouncer (and his swing) seem to make him poop, wierd.

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  • awhhh poor baby! 
  • I've done the same thing...it was in the high chair though during a family dinner.  ICK!
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    we used to call the bouncer "the ejections seat", because as soon as we'd put her in it, she'd poop. like clockwork. that vibrating seat reallllly shook it out of her.


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