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So ... we're puppy-sitting this weekend :)

FIL and partner are OOT for the weekend (Savanah I think?) and we're watching their two dogs Susie and Sheila.  They came over this evening and brought the crate (both dogs are mutts and slightly smaller than a normal sized lab I guess) and other doggy stuff.  When the guys left, both girls sat in front of our front door and whined for a good 10 minutes  :(

Now they're both in their crate, laying down next to each other and staring at me.  I feel like I should be entertaining them somehow, lol. 

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Re: So ... we're puppy-sitting this weekend :)

  • Aww, just cuddle them :)
  • quick dance! lol  so sweet, i lurve Savannah, so beautiful there, i bet they have a great time! :o)
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