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How to soften apples?

I have homemade applesauce which is watery and now have a ton of apples from Costco. Henry doesnt enjoy them raw b/c they are too hard for him to chew. Can I soften them and still serve them as finger foods, or will they turn to mush?
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Re: How to soften apples?

  • Steam them for a little bit to soften them up.  When I steam them to make applesauce they come out soft but firm enough for me to pick up to put in the food processor.
  • Cut them into slices and boil with a bit of water and cinnamon for a few minutes.
  • i would say boil or steam them for a little bit but not too long or they would probably turn to mush
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  • I cut them into slices then put them in a bowl with a tiny bit of water. Then I put a lid on and microwave them for a few minutes. I just check them frequently. It is a quick and easy way. I also add cinnamon. This is my sons favorite snack. I do the same thing for pears and it works really well.
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