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Can we do a roll Call??

I'd like to know who frequents this board.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.



Re: Can we do a roll Call??

  • Lol I don't think anyone does!!
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  • I figured so with 10 posts. . . . 


    anyone else???


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  • I've checked in a few times.

    I have 4-month-old twin boys and live in Columbia (originaly from Indiana). What about you?

    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
  • I'm here! Mainly just a lurker now..can't wait to start TTC.
    We live in Anderson :)

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  • I check in every now and then.  I have a 10 month old little boy.  We live in Clemson.
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  • I'm expecting our first and we live in Rock Hill.  I was hoping to see a little more action on this board. Nice to know there is a heartbeatYes


  • LIAngelLIAngel member
    I'm here too.  Sorry I always forget about the local boards.   I live in Mauldin and have a 2 month old.  
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  • I forgot about the local boards too!  I am due with my first on November 1 and live in Charleston.
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  • Just found this board. I am due in July and live in Charleston. Big Smile
  • Hi, I am new to the bump!  I am in the Columbia area.
  • I'm very new to the bump.
    Due in March, 2010.  
    Currently in NE Columbia.
    Congrats to all the moms and soon to be moms out there!
    I'll be checking in on the board frequently so I'm sure we'll get to know eachother given the small number of folks posting.

  • I seem to always forget this board, LOL!  I check in occassionally.  I live in the greater columbia area, I have twin girls will be 3 in november and a little boy who will be 1 in october.  He was born 8 days before they turned DH loves to tell people that we had 3 under 2 for 8 days, LOL!
  • Well, I just found it. 

    I live in Charleston, have a 4 (almost 5) yr old  DD and an 11 day old DD.

    I run a business from home and my husband is in the Air Force. 


  • Just found the local board as well. I am due with a little baby girl September 1st. I live in Easley. Look forward to getting to know the area mommies!
  • I live in Charleston, and have a 9.5 month old little boy.
    TTC since 01/2011 ~ Our baby grew wings on 11/10/11 at 5w

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  • Not sure if anyone is one here - but I will respond anyway!

    I live in the Charleston area and am planning on TTC in September. I'm just getting involved in the bump after stints on both the nest and the knot. My DH and I have been married for a little over 3 years and we are excited to take the next step. I am a SC girl, but haven't been in the C'ston area in a while and have absolutely no familiarity w/ the baby stuff in the area. Hope other people are on here as I could use some local advice! 

  • I am in Charleston and have boy/girl twins.  I am a SAHM.

    I often forget about this board. 


  • Just stumbled across this board...I'm in Mt. Pleasant Smile
  • I didn't know this board existed either! I am about 41/2 weeks pregnant, and I live in Greenville:)

  • Thank goodness for other SC moms. I have a 1 month old (today!) baby boy and we live in Simpsonville.
  • Hi, this is the first time I've seen anyone using this board. YAY. I'm 23 weeks pregnant with our first baby, a little girl. We are currently living in Liberty but working in Clemson and Greenville. Hope this board takes of

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  • Hey ladies!! Wink

    I live in the Upstate!! :) Clemson, specifically.  My due date is March 4, 2010!!

  • I will be moving to the Columbia area soon and just found out that we are expecting
  • I'm new to the bump... We live in Aiken and I have a three year old step daughter and 4 month old daughter.
  • imagelaurenbug:
    Just stumbled across this board...I'm in Mt. Pleasant Smile


    Ditto...and HI Lauren =)

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  • hi all! this is actually my first time on this board. i didn't know it existed!

    i just recently moved to myrtle beach. i pretty much know no one here so i'm becoming a first time mom and getting to know this area all at the same time!

    lets see... about me... i just moved from atlanta where i was living. i was working but got laid off in may then got pregnant in june. i moved in with my mom because the father and i are not together and i needed the support. now i'm trying to adjust to EVERYTHING. 


  • Patty, I'm 5 weeks supposedly, and I just started looking around :) My husband is in the army at Fort Jackson just moved here from Kentucky. We've been married two years and happy to be having a baby :)
  • Hi! I'm new here! Just found out I am expecting my first. Due in May of 2010. My fiance is a Marine Corps. Srgt. Stationed in NC, but I live in SC while finishing school!
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  • imageamandarene112:
    I didn't know this board existed either! I am about 41/2 weeks pregnant, and I live in Greenville:)


    Hey! I live in Greenville too! =) 

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  • I'm new to this board also. I also live in Anderson!
  • Hi everyone, I'm new to the board and my husband and I live in Lexington.  We are currently going through our first cycle of in vitro. 

  • Hey I am only 61/2 weeks pregnant but overjoyed! We had a m/c in Aug and this was a surprise pregnancy! Wish us luck this time!
  • I just started checking the boards.  I am pregnant with my first and am due in April 2010.  I live in Columbia, SC.


  • I'm new to the board as well and not to jinx anything, won't post anything about my status until my doctor's appointment next month but hope that she gives me good news!  Smile
  • I used to be on here a lot when i was pg with #1....she turns one next wednesday! AND we just found out we pg with #2...due in July of 2010! =) i decided to start lurking and stumbled upon this board...pretty exciting!

     I was born & raised in greenville, and went to usc in columbia...we are now in aiken for my husband's job....i look forward to chatting w/ other sc moms!

  • Anyone still check these posts?  I'm here too.  I live in Charleston, am a SAHM, and have a 4 month old girl.  I can usually be found on the 3-6 month board.
  • I just stumbled on this board too....We live in Aiken but I work in Georgetown and do the commute on the weekends.  The baby was a bit of a surprise - didn't find out until we were 5 months and 3 weeks and we have about 5 weeks left now until the little one gets here.  So we are doing a bit of the mad rush to get everything done in case they wrong and she is early.

  • I'm new to this board as well. I am currently living in Aiken, SC (moved less than 2 months ago from Alabama - War Eagle). I am a graphic designer and artist, hoping to work from the home once we get settled. We are also hopefully expecting but the next day or two will tell (taking another test tomorrow, maybe). If it is positive then we'll be due some time in late July is my estimate. We are new to SC so I am looking for an obgyn, rheumatologist and a church. 
  • Hey ladies! I'm in Wando off Clements Ferry due April 23 2010, first one!  Always looking for people to hang with me. (Wando is between Daniel Island and Mount Pleasant)  I'm looking to get a baby swap together. A way to trade stuff we're not useing. I have come across so many people with so much baby stuff that they don't use anymore. I thought it'd be cool to do a swap. Any thoughts?


     melyssaferber at gmail 

  • imageForForever:
    Just found this board. I am due in July and live in Charleston. Big Smile


    I just found it myself.  I am in Greenville and have a 5 yr old and am expecting in July

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