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what does -1 station mean?

I know it is the position of the baby's head, but if he's at -1 does it mean he's coming soon? How long does it take to go from station to station and how far along should you be if your at -1? And what are you usually at when you are in actual labor?

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  • I believe the range is -5 through +5 with +5 meaning crowning, and 0 meaning the head is at the entrance of the birth canal. 
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    As far as I know, +3 is when the baby is "crowning" or close to it.  -3 means the baby is up high and not engaged.

    You could be at -1 for a long time.  It tells you nothing about how close to labour you are, unless you're at +2 or +3...

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  • -4 is head down still floating

    -3 in pelvis

    -2 farther down

    -1 down in pelvis

    0 directly in pelvis

    +1 beginning to crown

    +2 crown

    +3 crown

    +4 Baby out of pelvis.


    stations can take a long time.  -1 just means that your baby has almost fully dropped to 0. labor is in the + stages.

  • I believe that a 0 station means that the head is even with the cervix.  So you're definitely closer to having a baby, but the station has nothing to do with being in labor; your uterus has to be contracting and your cervix dilating for you to be in labor.
  • Wow thanks for all the reply posts! They really answered my questions.
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