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Has anyone gone to MGH fertility center for IVF? Please send along thoughts, concerns and or experiences they have had as well as any doctors they recommend? Thanks

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  • I go to MGH fertility center and think everyone there is awesome!! Dr. Shifren is my main doctor, but I have been seen by a few of the doctors there, all who were wonderful.  I had FET last week with Dr. Styer(sp) and was pleased with him.  They have a great facility with super stats.  I wouldn't think of going any place else. 
  • I LOVE Doctor Souter. She is awesome....a tell it like it is, hard charging, agressive, RE  LOVE her!


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  • She rocks. She is not going to let you down if at all possible.  I've got two kids to prove it!



  • I went there before I got pregnant and my doctor was great - Dr. Petrozza
  • Thanks for all your replies. I was alos wondering has anyone used newton wellesley for US and Blood but MGH for IVF?  And if so, how did that work? We are on our 3rd cycle and IVF is our next step. I also have Dr Shifren and have heard they are all good!
  • I should have been more specific when I responded, but I do go to Newton Wellesley for blood and ultrasound and MA General for the actual IVF procedure.  I was happy with Newton Wellesley until I started going to MA General.  I had a cycle where I converted from IUI to IVF and went to MA General for about a week straight for my ultrasounds and bloodwork.  What a difference!!! At MA General, Dr. Shifren did all my ultrasounds.  I got to see her everyday that I went in.  Even the blood draw was more professional.  I felt like I received a whole new level of care at MA General. I had Dr. Shifren for my retrieval and Dr. Styer for the transfer.  I liked Dr. Styer also. worked!!! I am 5 weeks pregnant, but currently in beta hell.  It was a little low to start and increasing slowly.  I am praying it works.  All in all, I like Newton Wellesley, but if I had to do it all over again, I would just go to MA General for everything.  It is a little further of a drive for me, but I think the level of care is well worth it.  Please let me know if you have any other questions, or just want to talk!!!
  • My friend went there in the Fall and quickly got pregnant (twin boys) after at least 3 years of trying.  Best of luck!!
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