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Do I tip a chiropractor?

I have my first chiropractic appointment in half an hour.  Am I supposed to tip them like I do when I have a massage?

Re: Do I tip a chiropractor?

  • Nah.
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  • If it's an exceptional massage, then I'll tip.  If it's average or less, not a chance.
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  • no.  your chiropractor makes about $200 an hour...he is a "doctor" so I would not tip him.  Mine is covered under insurance.  There is no "expectation" to tip him...massage therapist is a different story.
  • That would be like tipping your doctor.
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  • No. View them as you would any medical professional.
  • No.
  • Thanks guys.  I am off to hopefully have the miracle cure for my hurting neck.  Smile
  • nope! My chiropractor has a private practice and makes a ton of money (and he's a friend of mine so I know this)

    would you tip your ob?

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  • They are regular doctors and therefore no tipping is necessary.?
  • No. That would be akin to tipping your dental hygenist.

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