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IVF with straight menopur or follistim?

I'm starting my first IVF soon.  There is an IVF clinical trial that I was thinking of doing because it will save me $4K.    The study is about menopur vs follistim and only one of them can be used.  My current RE was going to use both during my cycle.   I was wondering if anyone had success on either one of these drugs with no other stims.


Re: IVF with straight menopur or follistim?

  • For both of my fresh IVF cycles (both BFPs), we only used follistim (besides bcp/lupron).
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  • My IVF cycle we only used Follistim for stimming.
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  • I used menopur-only one time (my IVF BFN), and then in combo w/follistim since (got my BFP with the combo). But don't read into that at ALL. The follistim was added only b/c I am a poor responder and 450 units of menopur gave me a premature LH surge (maybe too much LH for me), so we did 300 follistim/150 menopur instead the following time. The reason I tried menopur in the first place was b/c gonal-f did aboslutely NOTHING for me.

    If you are a good responder and your RE is cool with it, then I would go for it. GL!!

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  • For my IVF cycle, we primarily used Menopur.  I stimmed for a total of 12 days and the first 3 days they had me do a combo of 2 vials of Bravelle and 1 vial of Menopur.  For the remaining 9 days I just did Menopur.  My insurance covered the Menopur and my RE preferred it.  I also have pcos so I don't know if that had something to do with it.  Fortunately we retrieved 28 eggs, 23 were mature and we have 11 embies on freeze.  I seemed to respond really well to Menopur.  Good luck with your cycle!  Hope to see you over here soon :) 

  • I used follistim (with lupron & low dose hcg, which is sort of unusual but it was b/c I was coming off a couple months of depot lupron)... we had c/p on the fresh cycle but bfp on the frozen a couple months later.


  • We used follistim, microdose lupron and menopur on our BFP cycle, GL!!

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  • My stimming consisted of straight menopur.  I also did 2 iui's in which I just did Menopur, but both were bfn and I got my bfp w/ ivf.  GL!
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