Heard back from Huggies

I too wrote a comment to them, but not even remotely as eloquent as the letters you guys wrote. I heard back today:

Thanks for your e-mail to Kimberly-Clark about HUGGIES? diapers. We are sorry that you were displeased with our advertisement.

Comments, such as yours, help us to better understand how people feel about our advertising, and your opinion is important to us. Please be assured that we will share your remarks with those involved in our advertising programs and will take them into consideration when developing future advertisements.

We value you as our customer and appreciate your interest in our products.

Re: Heard back from Huggies

  • Yup.  That's the same standard response Kristen received.  She posted hers in the thread below.  Good to know our concerns have fallen on deaf ears.
  • EmmieBEmmieB member
    awesome! I haven't caught up with reading the posting I've missed - but I'm really glad that Huggies is at least sending replies!
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  • What a croc.  It doesn't even seem like they actually read the letters!
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  • EmmieBEmmieB member

    I just got the "here is your number, you'll hear back from us soon" email. We'll see what else turns up


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  • At the end of my email to them, I c/p the cookie cutter response that ya'll were getting and put it in the email, and asked for more action that a cookie cutter response... we'll see if i get that same response back ;)
  • Sounds like everyone is getting the form letter response.  Hopefully a sincere letter comes at some point.
  • I got the form letter response, too.

    That's fine.  I was planning to try the cloth diaper route anyway.  But if that falls through, I will not use Huggies.  Ever.

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