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Banging hands on table?

Do all kids do this or it is just mine? If he is sitting at a table or in his highchair, he pounds his hands on the table. This weekend, we tried puffs and he would pick them up and then pound. So they ended up little crumbs! LOL! How do I get him to stop pounding?

Re: Banging hands on table?

  • DD does this too... no idea how to get them to stop though.  Thankfully she mostly does it when she is in her highchair waiting for me to feed her.  She stops when she is eating. 
  • if you get the answer let me know because mealtime is a mess right now because all DS wants to do is bang his hands.
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  • oh but pounding is fun!  DS loves to pound so hard so that the peas jump all over and bounce off his highchair!  He also bangs his sippy on all the food on the tray so that it becomes mush!  And the new thing is to throw food all ends up on the counters....even passes the dog so she has to go find it instead of it being dropped right in front of her or handed to her. 
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  • DD bangs everything she can get her hands on. She's even compound banging. Banging one toy onto another while eating. It's a load of fun.?
  • Same thing here!!! He bangs his hands then laughs and thinks its the funniest thing ever!
  • We're very much in the "I CAN MAKE NOISE WHEN I WANT TO" phase.

    And she's defiant too!  We say No.  Firm.  Not mean.  And she looks, smiles and goes right back to it.

    Good luck because we're getting no where fast with our little one!

  • dude, my kid does it so much I thought he was showing signs of Autism!! He doesn't do anything else that shows he may it but he does it so much, it freaked me out. Glad to know I'm not alone!
  • It's one of ds's favorite activites.  He bangs on everything and cracks himself up - I don't know how you would get him to stop.
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  • DS started doing this a couple weeks ago and thinks its the funniest thing..he gets hysterical laughing.
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