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Stroller suggestions?

We are prego w/ our first, due in Dec. We are looking for suggetions for strollers that are good in the snow. We are from FL originally, and don't know anyone thats had to deal with a newborn in snow before. Any thoughts are appreciated! Likes, dislikes, guidlines, etc.



Re: Stroller suggestions?

  • We bought the Chicco stroller for our first and it seemed to do well. We're expecting baby #2 and are looking to buy the Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller. It seems like the Bumbleride strollers are a more all terrain stroller. We like to go hiking and walking and this is a good one for that. Think of it being in between a jogging stroller and a traditional stroller. Hope this helps!
  • We used our chicco last winter.  It seemed to do okay in the snow.  Of course we weren't trying to navigate drifts or anything, just your basic parking lots and sidewalk. 
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