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How many of you....

refer to your LO by a nickname so much, you are thrown off when someone actually uses their real name?
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Re: How many of you....

  • It's opposite for me, Christopher has so many nicknames my friends can never figure out which one to call him by. 
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  • ::::raises hand::::

    I call her everything BUT her name.... LOL

    My family is famous for crazy nicknames.

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  • ::Raises both hands:: I do, we had a nickname before he was born and we have probable added at least three more into regular rotation.
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  • No, but I get thrown off when people use nicknames. My SIL calls DS Lee, and it confuses me.

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  • Yep... we have nicknames for him, my parents have different ones, and my friends and co-workers have a ton of different ones. He's going to be so confused later in life, lol. :)
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  • He has a million. Poor DS will never learn his name. On his first day of school I am sure he will say his name is Bunny.
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