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HSG Stories?

Can you tell me your experiance when you had an hsg? Is it very painful? Was dh allowed in the room? How long did it take? Were you able to resume normal activities? When can you have sex after?

My doc finally ordered an hsg for me! So I just want to know what to expect. 

Thanks ladies :)

Re: HSG Stories?

  • My HSG was not very painful. I took a couple Advil beforehand. It was quick, and about as painful as a pap test. I had no spotting or anything afterward, and felt fine to continue my normal day. I can't remember any sex restrictions.
  • Ditto Shaunie...It was not painful, just uncomfortable.  No spotting for me either.  I did have minor cramps for about a min an hour later, but I don't think that was related to the HSG.  I think we waited a day or so to have sex.

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