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Unmonitored clomid @ 50mg?

My OB brushed off my requests to be monitored while I'm taking clomid (I'd be starting it this month for the first time).?

I've had a lot of people tell me absolutely that I should be monitored (multiples are a big concern for us b/c of my pregnancy complications, along with all the other possible negative side effects) while on it, and I am almost 100% certain I agree, but I am also so tired of TTC and hate the idea of having to find a new OB or an RE and get to the back of the line, so to speak, for an appointment. ?

If you've taken clomid (esp the lowest dose), please share your experience. ??


Re: Unmonitored clomid @ 50mg?

  • I answered on the other board too. I did 2 monitored cycles of clomid (50 mg), then did a 3rd a few months later. Because of my "perfect" response in the previous months, my RE suggested I could use it unmonitored for the 3rd round. I agreed, and during that cycle I developed 2 large cysts, which forced me to sit out treatment until the cysts shrunk. I did have a medicated (injectable) cycle right before that could have exacerbated the cyst problem, but that could have easily been detected had I been monitored. I wouldn't recommend unmonitored clomid.


  • Oh heck no!  Go get a new OB.  If you are worried about multiples and this is your first time on Clomid that is just not good (my cupcakes are Clomid babies but we were okay with this and we were monitored).  Also like Shaunie said I have had cyst issues.  These are serious and should never be missed. 

    I know you probably don't want to wait but if you were me I think I would. Whatever you decide we are here for ya Wink  GL!!!! Such a tough call.

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  • I  did 5 unmonitored cycles of clomid with my OB before moving on to the RE.  I did 50 and 100mg.  Besides the poor response which we only picked up on my CD 21 b/w, on the last one at 100mg, I ended up in the emergency room for a burst cyst.  That was not pleasant.

    As much as trying to find a new OB and starting over again sucks donkey balls, you have to go with a doc that is going to keep you safe as possible.  I LOVE my OB.  He is one of the best in the area and for actual prenatal care he is the BEST, but he doled out clomid like it was candy.  It isn't.  For some women it's an easy route to a BFP.  I conceived DS first round at 50 mg.  Some have really bad complications.

    Good luck and I hope that which ever way you decide to go that everything works out and you are one of the lucky few that crack it first time!

  • I did unmonitored Clomid with DD and was pregnant on the first dose (not so lucky this time around).  However, this was due to insurance complications and when I was originally faced with the decision, I wholeheartedly wanted to be monitored for all the reasons the PP's spoke about.

    I am on Clomid again and am being monitored.  GL!

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    I did three rounds of Clomid with my OB (before I really started educating myself.....). I was consistently still ovulating late and they told me it was "fine." During the third month, I literally DEMANDED to have an u/s to see what was going on. Sure enough....I wasn't responding. That is when we discovered my cystic ovaries and I was diagnosed with PCOS......I essentially wasted three months since taking Clomid alone for PCOS is pretty much useless. Not to mention that at my u/s check, my lining was VERY thin, so implantation could have never occurred anyways (another bad side effect of Clomid.....)

    I have a friend whose OB gave her Clomid unmonitored.......she ended up PG with triplets, but she ended up miscarrying two........

    Knowing what I know now, I would be finding a new OB or demanding monitoring. If you go forward without being monitored, just be smart and make sure you are looking for problematic signs/symptoms.....

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  • I conceived DS on 50 mg, CD 3-7 unmonitored....first round:)....this time I am going through an RE who is monitoring me (I would really rather not be monitored though because of $$$$ issues since I am out of pocket!) good luck
  • I am in the 2ww on round 3 of clomid. ?This cycle they upped my dose from 25mg (rnd1,2) to 50mg. ?I am un monitered so to speak, I do go in for them to do an internal before they give me my rx every month and have had b/w done a week after i O. ?So I would say I am semi- monitered. I think since this is the begining I am ok with this, However my OB did tell me that this would most likely be the last cycle of clomid he does with me. ?When we decided to take this route he told me that usually after 3 cycles he will refer us to RE. ?I love my OB office, and trust what they are doing. ?I have been told that I am crazy for doing it this way, however it works for us, saves us money and hopefully I will be getting my bfp next week. ?

    Its an idividual situation and you need to do what is good for you! ?GL?


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