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Pediatric Dentists in NOVA

Does anyone know of a pediatric dentist in NOVA--preferably somewhere relatively close to Woodbridge?  I'd like to take DS to get evaluated.  He seems to be growing his teeth in the same pattern I did, and it caused me lots of problems later on.

Re: Pediatric Dentists in NOVA

  • I use an amazing one in Alexandria. She is listed in the Washingtonian as one of the top ones in the area. It's off of Edsall Rd. and Van Dorn. They have a great waiting room and the staff is amazing. Her name is Dr. Jane Delaney or Dulaney (can't remember). She's great though and she did great for DD's first visit.

    - LH?

  • We go to Dr. Hershel Jones. He has an office in the town of Quantico and two other offices. One is in Dumfries and I'm not sure where the other one is. DD loves him and the staff is great!.

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