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Can someone analyze dh's SA?

I got the actual numbers from Dh's SA. Even though the overall is "Normal", it showed his morphology as "low". Dr. said that they add everything else up too and that mean's dh's overall is normal.

Anyone know anything about this? 

Here are the results:


Re: Can someone analyze dh's SA?

  • Volume: 3.4

    pH: 7.8

    Concentration: 125.4

    Motility: 65%

    Grade: 3.5

    Morphology: Oval: 23%  (normal range is 30-100%)

    White cells: occ

  • I am not sure how to help you then saying I would not judge just by one.  My DH had great motility one time in the 90% then it would drop low and then come up.  So I would not be too concerned. 

    Sorry I was not much help!

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  • I am thinking.....

    That since DH's counts were pretty high (like 125 mil) that it is ok if a bunch of them are messed up looking because there are plenty of spermies to balance it out.

    Like if you took 20% of 125mil that would equal 25mil normal

    say the count was only 50 mil but had a 40% morph.....that would still be a lower number (20 mil)of "normal" swimmers than DH has...even if all those numbers may be in a normal realm.

    AM i making sense?

  • Thanks ladies! Yes, makes sense, kind-of... but I get it, lol :)
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