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NTR- very proud of myself!!

i am going to aww myself for a min.. 

 I run around 3 times a week.  I usually go 2 figure 8's in my neighborhood.  I usually walk the top of the figure 8's as they are hills, and I just get way too out of breath.  it is a total of about 3 miles or so. 

 well I pushed today and I ran the entire thing!!  never stopped to walk!!  and I feel great, i feel like I could go run some more!! 

I am usually the type of person to go, ehh it is ok, walk a bit to myself.  and I cut work out short and I wonder why I do not loose weight. 

 Well I pushed it tonight and I feel great!!  YAY!!!

Re: NTR- very proud of myself!!

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