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No Fear

Jax has no fear.  None.

He has gotten really good at his walker toy.  And he walks around everything now.  And when he wants to go somewhere else, he just lets go and well, he falls.  He hasn't figured out that he cant' walk without assistance.  hahaha.  it's so cute and funny, but at the same time we have LOTS of bumps and bruises right now.  

He has no fear, so I bet he'll be walking for real in no time.  Crazy kid :)

Re: No Fear

  • Yep, Gavin was/is the same way!  I was just looking back at our pictures from the last few months... the 11 and 12 month pics are all full of bumps, bruises, and scratches!  He was definitely looking rough!  Boys!






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  • awww Stacie :)  what a cute siggy pic.  Gavin looks so hansome!!
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  • awwww careful Jax!
  • Oh man Jax will be walking like crazy in no time! I think most babies have no fear when it comes to that kind of stuff. It's amazing how resilient they are.
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  • Colin is the exact same way! He scares me constantly. We were at the park today and he had a caniption b/c he wanted to run around with all the kids and couldn't. He is SOOO frustrated right now. He is not afraid to let go and free fall off of his stand up toys. He can also climb up steps, I have NO idea how he figured this out. It's cute that he is so active and wants to play with the 'big kid' but it scares me that he is so fearless.

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  • Lol, cute!


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