Still waiting for our homestudy to be signed off on

I called our case manager yesterday and she said she had re-submitted the homestudy with the corrections two weeks ago(which we knew) but hasn't heard anything back from her supervisor.  She did bring up that DH's first aid/cpr will expire soon(July).  He is a law enforcement officer so he has to have it for his job and will be recertified.  She said she has no idea when the homestudy will be signed off on but will let me know.  Our last homestudy meeting was two months ago and we were just hoping that we'd be licensed for foster to adopt by now.  It didn't sound like she was very happy with me for calling.  UGH!

Re: Still waiting for our homestudy to be signed off on

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    Her job is to keep you in the loop. If she doesn't like that you let two weeks go by before you called her to check up (which is what I read from that) then she might have to find another line of work. Because I would be calling every three to four days if it were me waiting.

    I'm sending you patience dust.


    Good luck!

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    Thanks ladies!  I know the system is slow...used to be caseworker who worked for human services.  It's frustrating as I know they are in desperate need of adoptive foster homes. It makes me sad when I hear how long it has taken others to get certified in other states as well as here in Colorado as I know people get frustrated and give up.
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    I'm sorry it's taking so long.  I wouldn't care about the SW being annoyed, she should have updated you alreay, even if all she had to say was, "I'm sorry this is taking so long.  I'm not sure of the hold-up, but I hope it will be ready by _____."  If she's really annoyed, maybe she'll make sure your file gets processed quickly, just so you won't call her asking again.  Wink
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    Sorry for all the delays!!  Sending you lots of CO nestie juju that you get an approval soon!!
    2 years TTC with 5 losses, 1 year recovering, 6 months applying for adoption approval, and almost a year waiting for a placement. Then, a miracle BFP at age 36!

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