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I hate waiting (maybe TMI)

So I am not really sure of my cycles since I have only had AF for about 7 months now.  DH and I usually use the pull and pray method and sometimes we aren't that careful because I know it's not a time when I am ovulating.  Well I guess DH didn't understand that it was only certain times that we can be a little careless and he just got really careless over the past week or so.  Now I am dying to POAS but I still have like 10 days before I can, and who even knows if it's 10 days!  I would be very happy to have a BFP.  DH looks at me last night and says "you're pregnant, I know you're pregnant" so now I am even more anxious!!!  Sorry if this is TMI for you all, but it's so exciting for me!!!

Re: I hate waiting (maybe TMI)

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