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NTR XP: Hair Help! Growing out inverted bob.

I've been growing out my semi-inverted bob since last November when I got it cut for the last time. I'm wanting my long hair back. My hair is super thick and I have to flat iron it or it looks crazy. Problem is, it looks crazy no matter what these days due to the weird layers that are growing out. I don't mind getting a tiny trim (right now it touches my collar bone in the front) if that'll fix my problem... but what kind of hairstyle can I get that will let me continue to grow out my hair??

Re: NTR XP: Hair Help! Growing out inverted bob.

  • I'd probably cut it just to even things out.  Sometimes you've got to get the funkyness out when you're trying to go out a short style.  Go to a real hairdresser (not like Hair Cuttery) and get their opinion.  They'll know what to do to make it look good while you're trying to grow it.
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  • Yeah, I'd probably get the ends trimmed to try to "catch up" to the layers.  I know when you are trying to grow out your hair, the last thing you want to do is make it any shorter.  lol.  I've always been told that even if you're trying to grow it out, you should still get trims to get rid of the old dry/damaged ends so that your hair is more managable and won't make you go crazy!
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  • I go to an amazing stylist, whom I normally just let do whatever, but since I'm wanting to grow it out I'm being very picky lol. I want it LONG! Maybe I'll just start taking PNV's again haha that seemed to do the trick while I was PG!
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