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do/did you have a nickname growing up?

the previous post got me thinking about this, my mom ever since i can remember calls me gigi and all of her side of the family also.. my dads side was always giselle, but in school and even college the "gigi" followed me everwhere.. so i was gigi to everyone.. even my dh doesnt call me giselle, i'm gigi to him, his family and his friends..

so i'm a gigi what are you?

Re: do/did you have a nickname growing up?

  • My dad calls me Krate - always has, always will.

    Katy is my "normal nickname" - it's legally Katherine but no one calls me that.

  • Family called me sissy when I was young b/c I am the only girl.  My mom still calls me that.

    My lil bro calls me Erin.

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  • Jo.  My nephews couldn't say "Aunt Amanda" so their dad (who is a magoosh, but that is neither here nor there) called me Amanda Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo... well, they dropped the Amanda and a half dozen Jos. Some of my other family (even my mother!) has picked up on it and they still call me Aunt Jo. They are 10 and 9.
  • I didn't have any nicknames, just Adrian.  Although I do have an older brother and when we were younger his friends would do the 'Yo Adrian' thing from Rocky.
  • just Robs.  Robin doesn' lend it self to too many nicknames, and I hate Rob
  • My parents called me munchkin, and every now & then my mom will still say it (which I don't really think much about it, but I'm sure most people are wondering why my mom is calling her 27 year old munchkin).

    The reason being is I was obsessed with Wizard of Oz, watched it everyday for about a year, and the munchkins were my favorite part, so they started calling me munchkin and it just stuck.

  • My dad has always called me Annie (my middle name is Anne). ?My name is Kara so I've been called KareBear, Karabean, Karat and my brother called me Ara when he was little but thankfully that didn't stick.

    My mom called me Esmerelda for years thinking it was the name of one of the Cinderella stepsisters because I was so miserable when I woke up each morning. ?Turns out it's the chick from the Hunchback of Notre Dame so in essence she cursed me- I always had the "unique" guys following me around everywhere!?

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  • My first/middle names are Shannon Renee and somehow that turned into Shanny Mae by my uncle and a few others. But Shannon doesn't really lend itself to nicknames and really nobody calls me that anymore.
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  • My dad always calls me Bummer for some reason. ?Not sure how I got that nickname. ?

    My mom always called me Peanut.

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  • My real name is Nicole, so Nikki is my "real" nickname, I guess.

    My sister calls me Nooney.  Her name is Jennifer/Jenny and I call her Jooney.

    My Mom has always called me Nanook from time to time.

    Some cousins call me Nicodemus, but mostly it's Nik.

    My grandfather called me "Nik the Pik" because I was a picky eater.  Hmm...and I wonder why I have a picky son!  lol.

  • My name is Karen Kristi and growing up I was KK.  My dad also used to call me Suzie Q, I have no idea why LOL!
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