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need advice on telling

Hello ladies! I was wondering your opinions on telling that you are pg. We have told immediate family, but that is it. I am not sure when to "come out" to everyone else. I have had no bleeding for at least a month, and I am feeling sick on and off. Our last US was a week ago, and all looked great! We had a HB of 167, and measured right on.

When did you all tell for each pregnancy? What words of wisdom do you have for me?

Re: need advice on telling

  • Sounds like you are itching to tell.  A strong HB at 8 weeks is a great sign of a healthy. lasting pregnancy.

    But, in reality there is still a chance something could go wrong.  I miscarried after I saw the HB at 6.5 weeks.  Didn't find out I micarried until 12 week ultrasound I had lost the baby weeks before.

    That, however, doesn't mean you should not tell anyone.

    Speaking from someone who had a miscarriage -- I say in the 1st trimester tell anyone who you would not mind telling about a miscarriage -- or would tell anyway.  If you are the talkign type who would just tell people, its not really a big deal.

    I am telling family and close friends now.  After my next u/s at 9 weeks II will loosen up. After the 1st trimester I will tell work people, etc.



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  • We told everyone pretty much straight after my 7wk us where we saw the hb.  If there is a next time I think we would wait till at least the end of the first tri.  Last cycle's cp made me very wary of sharing the good news too soon.  It's pessimistic and just plain wrong but I don't want to potentially have to tell people that I am not pg anymore.

    Honestly, now that you have confirmed the hb more than once, your chances of anything happening have dropped dramatically.  And you are only a couple of weeks from the end of you first tri anyway.  Have fun telling everyone!

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  • When I got my BFP on Sunday, I told my close friends and some family members.  I pretty much only told people that I would also tell if something went wrong.  For the rest of my family, I'm going to wait until I see a strong heartbeat (around 6.5-7 weeks) and then for the rest of the'll be after my first trimester. 
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  • I would feel pretty comfortable telling after seeing the heartbeat. With my DD, we told everyone around 8 weeks, including work. This time, I'm not sure. If we see a heartbeat next week at 7 weeks, we'll tell our families (well the rest of the family who doesn't already know!), and then co workers probably not for awhile, but I "show" super early due to bloat, short torso, whatever, so I think people are already suspicious so I'm not sure how long we'll wait. I wish I could wait until 13-14 weeks but I know I won't wait that long. GL with your decision!
  • I waited till 14 wks to say anything on my blog or what forth.  DH and his big mouth blabbed it to all of Las Vegas NV and Las Cruces NM at like 7 wks.  So I'm glad nothing did occur!
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  • I have only told close family and friends and will wait on everyone else until at least 12 weeks. It's hard but it would be much harder telling all those people that I miscarried. Just not worth it to me.?
  • We told our immediate family right away, then more distant family and friends slowly between 8-12 weeks, after we'd seen and heard the HB.
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