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As requested for fellow NJ residents: 

I have connected with a great group of adoptive parents (IA, FA, DA) as well as some of most published and respected professionals in the adoption realm through: (if you click on their calendar you will see by month various support groups you can attend as well as the workshops that they host - they have an upcoming workshop on May 16). Be aware that usually you need to register in advance for the workshops and they do require a fee.

You may also contact IAC by email if you are looking for specific types of support groups. Generally the groups are run by psychologist, LCSW, or other related credentials. They are not an adoption agency! And, they are well connected through out NJ and PA and other surrounding states, so even if you don't see a support group listed on their calendar they may know of other groups not related to them that can help you.

They may be able to find you a group that is close to where you live. We have one that we attend which is 10 minutes from us and we have another that we are going to attend that is an hour from us. Each meets once a month.

Some of the support groups are open to anyone to attend without reservation or invite, while others are by invite only as they try to keep the groups small and the dynamic/path/place in the journey of the adoptive parents similar.

Joni Mantell runs this organization, and I am sure if you are researched in adoption (especially DA) or even read Adoptive Family magazine you have seen/read her work.

Other resources in NJ to find support groups or workshops (aside from specific agencies):

Listing of support groups by location in NJ:

NJ Arch home page which has a lot of great resources:

Workshops and training classes (some I believe give you hours/credits for FA):

APC - great resource about legislation, support groups, and so forth (look for the chapter that is closest to you):

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