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Clomid users - Did it mess with your CM?

I usually have quite a bit of CM with my usual cycles. This cycle I'm on clomid and today is CD 14 and I have like NO detectable CM. Is this normal? I can feel twinges and what not, but I just assumed that there would be a lot of CM.
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Re: Clomid users - Did it mess with your CM?

  • I never used clomid, but heard it can cause dryness.  You might want to try some preseed to help with the CM. 

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  • My RE said dryness is a big issue with clomid and that is why he likes to keep the dosage down as much as possible and use a trigger shot.

    Good Luck!

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  • It is drying on most people.  You should use pre-seed.  Do not use lube!
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  • Yup, it's normal.  I never had much in the CM department normally but Clomid made me like the Sahara down there.  PreSeed is a good lube to use.  Good luck!!
  • Ditto. I has a lot less CM (even though I tried to increase it by eating carrots and drinking green tea-it didn't really work). We used Pre Seed during fertile times.
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