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So I had a BT done...

I got a BFP on Sunday (13 dpo) and the doctor did a bt on Monday.  Not sure what to think of the number and i'm kind of worried because she said my progesterone is kind of low (but it could be because I'm barely pregnant).  HCG = 81 and Progesterone=12.  I'm taking 100mg of the supplement a day now up to 12 weeks (I really hope and pray that I make it that far...) 

This is an exciting time for both DH and I, but I can't help but be really scared.  We're going to do another bt next monday to see what the numbers are then. 

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Re: So I had a BT done...

  • That is where my progesterone was w/my first Beta w/Harm and my number was much lower.  The supplements should help.  Hang in there sweetie, oh and of course CONGRATS!
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  • congratulations!!  please keep us posted!
  • Congratulations!! Like everyone said keep us posted.?
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  • Thanks, Ladies.  I will definitely keep ya'll updated.  I can truly say that this is one of the most supportive board.  I lurk on other TTTC boards and they all seem so snarky.  But I'm glad this group is wonderful!
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  • Congrats! I hope you get great numbers on Monday:o)
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