Stay at Home Moms question?

WAHM....what percentage of your pre-Wahm pay do you make now? example: used to make $2000/mo, now make $1000/mo so 50% less, etc....I dont want to aim to high and be disappointed....

P.S. I dont want to seem like im prying so dont list how much, just the percentage, unless of course you dont mind.... =p

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Re: question?

  • For me, I didn't have to take a paycut to work from home...that said, I did cut back the hours I work to 70%, so as a result, I took a 30% paycut.

  • I work as a contract employee and have always been paid hourly at this job. My rate did not change - in fact I got a raise while I was out on maternity leave.

    That said, I usually work 40-50% of what I used to (my choice), so my overall pay is down 50-60%.

    - Jena
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  • When I first started working from home it was about a 40% pay cut, but now it's about 10%.

  • Ok, well, my situation may be unique because I started my own business and used to be an engineer.  I make roughly 25-30% of what I used to make (less if you want to count my adjusted income after all my tax write offs) and still put in at least 30-40 hours a week.  The girls do go to a sitter 1-2 times a week and DD#1 is in a preschool 2 days a week.  (DD#2 will start next year.)  It's a lot of late nights and totally exhausting, but I love what I do and I love being there for the girls so we make it work.  We could "live" on DH's salary (barely) but my income gives us some breathing room, vacation money, birthday presents, etc.  I'm hoping to be up from that this year, but I'm also careful not to take on too much.  30-40 hours is more than I wanted to be working and I could easily put in 60-80 if I took half the jobs offered.  It's more money, but at a cost.  I'd rather spend time with my girls.
  • IS the a legit thing? I am honestly not looking forward to working after the baby and want to find something to do from home. can anyone help?
  • I work at home for my employer and in doing so, I had to take a 33% pay cut.  Ouch.  At the same time, I've increased my freelancing, and though it hasn't completely filled the gap, it has helped and seems to be picking up more.  In case I am asked to leave my job, I hope to earn enough to cover my bills, which would be roughly 50% of my full-time income.

    I recommend the book, Will Work from Home, by Tory Johnson.  Chock full of ideas!

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