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Need Advice...

I am going to post this on the SAHM board as well.  I am pregnant with #2 and have an OB appointment today.  This will be the first appt. that I will be by myself with DS.  I am nervous that he will not cooperate, any ideas to keep him busy without hauling our entire playroom with us?  Just wondering if there are any other ladies that have to haul your LO with you to the doctor.

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Re: Need Advice...

  • i ve had to take ben to appts w/ me.  the worst was when we had to take the bus and guess who got motion sick.  :-/  i make sure to bring the stroller and keep him in it so hes contained.  also snacks, books, just little things.  he ll probably be fine since he ll be able to see/ hear you while youre there.  i ve even heard of moms holding their LOs through the appts!  ben just had trouble when he and i went for my u/s - that went very badly and i would not recommend it!  good luck today!
  • I have to take mine, as well.

    I DID have a sitter who used to take them for appointments, but she bailed on me.  It sucks.

    Thankfully, my OBs and the nurses are great with them.  They've spent many times in the staff lounge hanging out while I have a u/s or an NST.

    I try and keep them busy.  Time a bottle around the visit.  Give the older one a snack.  Bring toys.  If that doesn't work, I just suck it up until the appointment is over and hope it's over fast.


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