Adoption Board secret angel update

Hi Ladies,

I currently have 24 participating in the adoption board secret angel "program".  I planned to send out matches tonight but I had to work late.  I'll get it ready and send out the matches tomorrow night.


Anyone who still wishes to join is more than welcome too!  Some have expressed an interest in not having this secret, and i'll leave it up to each pair to decide if they want to let each other know or keep it secret.  If you do NOT want your email shared with your secret angel let me know...

Have a great evening!

After 2 years of IF, and moving forward with adoption we were thrilled to discover we were pregnant with no intervention in 2009. Miss Molly joined our family in February 2010 and we could not be more in love with our little angel. Lilypie Second Birthday tickers blog

Re: Adoption Board secret angel update

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