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I am officially DONE charting...

I am so sick and tired of charting and nothing happens. AF came today. I have the same cycles every the day. Obviously charting is not helping us out so I am giving up on it. I ovulate the same day every month, so says fertilityfriend anyway....and I am very sad and stressed that I am still not pregnant...and now if I do get pregnant starting this month and for the next 5 months...I can't start my clinicals for nursing. Soooo...I am just not happy. My doctor thinks charting is a joke and wouldn't look at my charts so what is the point, right?


Re: I am officially DONE charting...

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    It sounds like charting is more stressful than it's worth right now. Before I saw my RE a couple years ago, I charted for one month so I had something to show him. They didn't even look at it. If you want to still have some control over knowing when you o, do the OPK's, but I'd stop charting if I were you. Good luck, I know it's frustrating.
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    You need a break!  Hang in there, you will get answers or knocked up soon.

     BTW, are you getting that 2nd opinion?  I would!

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