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How many cycles pp before RE will treat you again?

Our DD is 7 months old now and I would like to get started on #2.  I am waiting for AF to finally get here, been spotting for a week, but no real AF, ugh!!  Anyway our RE insists that I have 2 pp AF before treatment.  Is this normal, aggressive, conservative?  Just wondering.  Thanks!

Re: How many cycles pp before RE will treat you again?

  • hmmm...

    I *never* got AF to return naturally after #1, so I had to see the RE to get on Provera to get things moving, so that's interesting...


  • Mine was 6 mos for a consultation (and will give provera to jumpstart AF if it hasn't come on his own).  9 mos for actually treatments to begin.

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  • I never got AF back naturally after DS was born (never had it before he was born either). I needed Provera to start blood work and treatments again. I had my consult when DS was 4 months old and started treatments again when he was 6 months old.
  • I had my period fairly regularly after DS was born, but the RE wanted to wait 6-8 months. We consulted at 7 months, and got going at 8.
  • Mine didn't require any cycles before treatment.  We went in for a consult when the babies were 9 months old.  Finally had my first cycle after I weaned at 11 months and we jumped in to the FET cycle a couple of months later.

    Good luck!


  • Well since I don't O on my own, this would have been a problem for me. I would ask again. That doesn't seem like it should be the case for someone who has known IF.
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