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Peyton Marie has arrived!!!!

I had a Dr. appt. for 4/21 (my due date) to get a NST & an internal. Everything was fine & I still 2 cm dialited. The Dr. did make me bleed more than normal, that I had to wear a pad. Around 12:45am on 4/22 I felt a little gush & my underwear were damp. So I went to the bathroom & changed since I wasn't sure if my water broke. So I got changed & went back to bed. About 20 min. later, it happened again. I woke my FI & told him I was calling the Dr. The Dr. told me to go to the hospital. We got to the hospital around 2:30am & I got examined & they told me that my water did break. So they transfered me to L & D & started pitocin at 4:00am. I have a low platelet level so they had to put the catherter for the epidural just in case my platelets were to go under 100k. Around 8:00am, I was still 2 cm dialited & that's when the contractions started kicking in about a minute apart. Since they were so strong at only 2cm, I chickened out & got the epidural. It was very relieving!!!! I was in & out of sleep for the next couple of hours. The Dr. came & check me around 11:45am & told me I was 8-9cm & that we would probably start pushing in about an hour. Around 1:15pm I started feeling a lot of pressure. They called the Dr. & I started pushing. They thought it would probably take about an hour. Well, it only took 20 minutes & she was out. They did cut me & they used the vaccuum to get her out. it was such an amazing experience when I heard her cry & then they put her on my belly. Peyton Marie was born on 4/22 at 1:40pm. She weighed 8lbs & 7ozs & was 19in. long.
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