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This is a poll so that everyone can get to know the story behind/about each SIFer. :)

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    About me:

    I'm 28 yrs old. DH and I are middle school sweethearts. He had family issues and moved in with my family at age 16. We saved up by working a ton and got married at 21 by ourselves on Kauai, Hawaii and also moved into our first house. :) 

    We waited awhile and enjoyed married life til baby fever started getting us at 25. We got pg on our second month of ttc. Had a very easy pregnancy and delivery, and ds was here! He has changed our life so much and brings soo much joy and happiness that there are no words to explain it. He is such a special little guy, and will be 3 in August.

    And just as we waited awhile to get pg after being married, we also waited awhile to start ttc#2. We started December 2007 and expected to get pg right away, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. 9 long months later we got pg, though nothing ever "felt right". I knew something was wrong the entire time, dh thought I was nuts. Well, unfortunately I was right and miscarried at 6 weeks. We were still very devasted.

    We started ttc again right away, and here after another 7 months ttc we are still trying. Now we are getting some very very basic testing done, but I can't find a dr who will do any other testing on me til one year from my miscarriage date (October), even though I've been charting, opks, having sex very frequently, etc. Of course I'll still keep trying for any doctor who will do hsg, etc, because there is an issue, but this has been such a hard stressfull journey, and more and more things seem to be going wrong with my body. 

     Sooo, that brings me here. :)

    I look forward getting to know you all!

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    You know.... this couldn't have come at a better time for me.  Sometimes, I get so sucked into my world that I forget just how blessed I am and that others struggle with the same thing everyday.

    So, here is my story....

    I'm 28 and married the man of my dreams almost 4 years ago.  He swept me off of my feet when taking care of me after getting all 4 wisdom teeth taken out (puffy face and all)! We started TTC #1 immediately.  After 2.5 long years we decided to see a fertility specialist and on my first round of clomid I was pregnant!  I never thought I could be happier after marrying my husband... then we had our baby girl.  I soon realized how much love my heart could actually hold and we only wanted it to grow even more.  So, we started TTC#2 when DD was 6 months but knew it was going to be difficult because my cycles were still very irregular (always have been).  So, while its been almost 8 months we are just now starting Cycle #5 started clomid last cycle but to no prevail.  Guess we couldn't be lucky twice. 

    So, onto this cycle.  Hopefully we will see many BFPs this month.  Good luck to everyone!

    **^^** Sprinkling TONS of baby dust on EVERYONE! **^^**

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    About me:

    I'm 31, and DS is 3. We conceived him with no problems, 6 months after we were married ( he was born Aug/05). We had always wanted a 3 yr gap, so we agreed to start TTC again when DS turned 2.  We jumped the gun (crazy baby fever) and started a few months before DS 2nd birthday, and after 1 year unsuccessfully, we were referred to our first RE. DH's SA came back great, HSG was normal, clear, the only problem seemed to be that my ovulation was slightly irregular. I started clomid in Aug/08, and on our 2nd clomid cycle, I got pregnant, but had a chemical pregnancy(Oct.08). Immediately following on our break cycle after the cp, I got pregnant again, only to have another miscarriage, this time at almost 6 weeks(Nov.08). Since then I have done one injectable cycle (Gonal F), one clomid cycle, had a 6 week break due to cysts, and started with a new RE. During this time we really contemplated adoption, but have decided to continue with treatments probably until the end of this year, and then re-visit adoption.We did an investigative cycle which seemed picture perfect, no ovulation problems. We are currently in our first medicated cycle with the new RE, using 2.5 mg Femara. I'm so over the whole IF thing and hope we can be blessed again with a healthy pregnancy and baby soon.

    I'm happy that I have others to share this journey with, but I hope we ALL don't have to struggle much longer!

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    I am 27 yrs old.  I think marriage and family were kind of unexpected for me, I've always been about being career gal ya know.  Anyhoo I did end up finding just a wonderful sweet man whom family was alway the most important thing.  He always wanted like 9 kids.  I think that is how we finally compromised on 3 but he definetly gave me the fever.

     We got married and immeadeatly started trying.  Being the nerd I am I read all the books on how too TTC and learned about the ins and outs of a cycle like a mad dog.  At about the 6 month point I realized, I am NOT ovulating at all.  I made an appt w/my OB and he agreed to monitor me for a cycle.  Before the month was over he could see my levels were all wrong and so he sent me to his collegue who was an RE. 

    My official diagnoses is anovulatory cycles, which doesn't really explain anything, more describes.  They put me on Clomid and I got pregnant w/Harmon.  Than ya'll have been here for the story of the cupcakes.  It took a lot longer this time but we did get success.

    Now I think we are probably done but I do want to go back and find out why I don't O on my own.  They never gave me a reason.  I also have this period depression where I just go bonkers during PMS.  My instincts say there is more to the story and I would like to know what that is so perhaps my body might feel more normal.

    Mom to Harmon 1/17/08 and twins Rachel & Callum 8/28/09 Photobucket 29o0v13.jpg
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    First of all I think this is a very cool post! And from the looks of it, I am the senior member so far! ?lol

    DH and I are both turning 38 this year. ?We were very lucky when we conceived our DS about 7 months after we got married and i would say 5 cycles of ttc, at the age of 34. ?We had decided that we would like for our kids to be about 2.5 yrs apart, given our age we thought that was a fair number of years. ?We were going to wait until just before DS turned 2 to start trying. ?Then in may of 08 A/F came a week late and we were both so dissapointed that i wasn't pg we decided to start trying. ?In Dec 08 I never got AF, and i have always been very regular...incredibly regular, that is until last May, since then I had been slightly weird but kept getting AF. ?So in Dec when nothing...I went to the dr, diagnosed with cysts, then they gave me progesterone to bring on AF, and since then I have been on clomid, I am ?hoping that this month it worked and that I will get a BFP!!

    ?Good luck to everyone...Lots of sticky baby dust to all!


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    Yet again I am late in my reply. I am not quite sure if this is the right group that I should be in but I am a lurker here and you girls are so supportive here.?

    ?My husband and I are both 31 and have been married for almost 9 year. We started to ttc right away with no luck. 2 years after we were married we were referred to a RE. MFI was the diagnosis. We were given a 5% chance for IUI to work. Tried anyway with a BFN. We waited after my husband was in school to try IVF. In 2005 we did IVF w/ ICSI with BFN. FET May 2006 with BFP and then M/C at 8 weeks, FEM Auguest 2006 with a BFP (u/s at 5 week) with Twins M/C?at 7 weeks. Took some time off and then FET in May of 2007 with a BFP and DS was Born 2/12/2008. YAY. Now were live in Okinawa Japan and in June we go and see an RE here. ?I am excited but also nervous. We have been trying, charting everything but we knew IVF was what we would have to do again but we were hoping for a surprise.?

    GL to everyone here and thank you girls for being so supportive.?

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    Maple_9 - this ia absolutely the right board for you!  Welcome !

    I am 29.  DH is 38.  Been married for a little over 3 years.  Diagnosed with annovulatory PCOS in 06.  Conceived DS first round of clomid at 50mg.  Scary how ease that was.

    We are now on cycle 14 ttc#2.  I am 10 DPO so we will know by the end of the week if we were successful this cycle.  I have done many clomid cycles but for some reason this time round it doesn't get me to do squat.  I am on injectibles now.  Gonal-f and or Bravelle with ovidrel trigger.  They work like a charm.  The aim is now to get a baby to stick.  I had a CP last cycle.

    Good luck and sticky baby dust to us all!!!



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    SASSI712 - no worries about being the "senior member", I'm 39 and my DH is 37!  We've been together for 9 years, married for 3 years on May 6th.  Due to my age, we started TTC as soon as we got married.  When I went off BCP I started noticing problems with my cycle - lots of mid-cycle and pre-AF spotting, very painful ovulation, etc.  They thought it was ovarian cysts at first, but finally my OB did a laparoscopy and diagnosed me with endo.  We tried Clomid but it aggravated my endo pain terribly.  We moved on to unmedicated IUI's and had a chemical pg with our 2nd IUI.  My OB then referred me to the RE and we moved on to IVF.  We were very lucky to have our twin boys thanks to IVF #1.  We have one snowbaby from that first IVF cycle, so we're doing an FET now to try for # 3. If the FET doesn't work, we will try on our own probably through the end of the year.  With 2 little ones at home and me turning 40 in Nov., I don't think we'll do another fresh round of IVF. 

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    I'm 28, DH is 35.  We've been together for 7 1/2 years, married for 3 1/2.  We had trouble conceiving DD b/c I have severe endo.  I've had 3 laps in less than 4 years to clear some of it up and each time my dr. has had to open at least 1 tube.  DD was a miracle - we had less than a 5% chance and were just waiting for insurace for IF treatment when I got my BFP.  Because of the endo pain, we've been TTc #2 since I got my period back.  I go back to my OB next week for the plan which he has already told me will be IVF.
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