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Anyone take Percocet while pregnant?

I am just 4 weeks and 5 days at this point so I'm not overly concerned but wanted to ask this question.  I suffer from severe headaches that my neurologist hasn't been able to diagnose just yet.  I have a small brain aneurysm but they have determined that it is not the cause of my pain.  I'll see a new Ear, Nose and Throat specialist on Friday to get his opinion as well.  All doctors have assured me that Percocet is safe during pregnancy but I was curious if anyone else had used it?  As soon as they can pinpoint the problem, I will discontinue it but right now it is the only thing that dulls the pain so that I can function normally. 

And, I'm excited to join your group.  This will be my 2nd (if all goes well) and I'm 38.

Re: Anyone take Percocet while pregnant?

  • i'm so sorry you are having such a rough time with the headaches.  I suffer from migraines normally- and had them really bad in both my first pg's in the first tri and randomly throughout the rest of the time, too.

    I was put on a lot of different things to see what would work- since none of them did a whole lot for migraines. Percocet was one of them- it really did nothing for migraines for me... Codine did nothing... Vicodin helped a little and Fioricet (a barbituate + caffiene) worked the best.

    I was also on various IV meds in my last pg due to kidney stones- Dilauded and morphine... and also on percocet for that, too.... (this post makes me sound like such a druggie! ironically i get no high from opioids so none of them did anything for me).

    my son was born perfect- a very good baby- we joke that it was b/c of all the meds I was one that he was so mellow. :)

    my OB allowed me to take Advil up until week 27 also- it's only a risk in the 3rd tri -might be an option if the percocet doesn't help - a high dose of advil is often better than percocet at relieving pain.

    hope you can figure it out and that it goes away for you soon! My 2nd tri was much better than first re: headaches.


  • Thanks GL!  I honestly had never heard of anyone pregnant taking a drug like this.  I googled it earlier and found several women who used it too and everything was fine.  This is michaeltrish, btw, the nest is only letting me sign in with an old screenname.
  • I've absolutely no answer for you, I'm afraid, but I did want to say I'm sorry you're dealing with this, and ... welcome!   We're a nice bunch here, even if we're old fogies ....



  • No percocet, only Tylenol. But then I don't get migraines. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this and I'd trust your OB if he/she says the percocet is fine.
  • I have no experience with percocet, but I feel for you with the migraines.  My mother suffers from them and I have gotten a few throughout the years (none recently).  Good Luck and welcome to the board!
  • opioids (like percocet/vicodin, etc) are tylenol based- and also not thought to cross the placenta or cause problems to the baby - they are commonly used during pg for women with severe pain of all types... if you ask on a normal message board you'll have tons of women saying "you can only have tylenol" but that is b/c they have not had problems that required their doc to Rx them anything- so that is what they are told :)

    feel better!

  • When I found out I was pregnant in December I was having severe cramping that I thought was an ovarian cyst coming back to haunt me. ?I was taking some leftover Percocets to help with the pain though they didn't do much. ?When I left the hospital they gave me Hydrocodone I guess becuase the Percocet wasn't working. ?I figured it was safe since they sent me home with it. ?I see now it's?Acetaminophen-based. ?Luckily, I didn't have to take very many of those as the pain finally subsided. ?I hope that your migraines get better. ?It's never good to be in such pain. ?Good luck!
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