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Tell me about IUI

I just started my cycle.  We are on to IUI this month.  I kind of know the flow of things...clomid, u/s, injection, sample and insemination.  I know that it can take 3-4 times.  Hopefully I am one of the lucky ones and it only takes once!!!  I am just nervious and excited!  Any additional info would be great!



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  • It is really no biggie. The actual IUI itself feels sort of like a pap, except they ant use any lube when inserting the speculum, which can be uncomfortable. The they insert the cathiter into your cevix and flush it with a prep fluid, once that is done they start injecting the sperm.

    My clinic has me lay there for 20min. with a pillow under my butt to help move things along, and then I am free to go.

    I am always really crampy the day of IUI (totally normal, and you can even spot) so I tend to take it easy, but some just go back to work!

    Best of luck to you!! 



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  • I had my 4th set of b2b IUIs last week.  It just feels like a pap most months and other months I don't even feel anything.  Afterwards I lay there for 10-ish minutes and then it's back to my daily routine.   My experience is a bit different than the PP's, I've never cramped or spotted afterwards.
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  • I've had 6 IUIs (2 b2b to get DD and 1 b2b to get pg this time).

    I've never had any discomfort during the actual insemination. Some very mild cramping after some of them.


    - Jena
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