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Reminder: The Bump Community Rules

It?s important to us that all members are treated with respect, no matter what questions they ask.  If you feel there is another message board better suited to a member?s needs or stage of TTC/Pregnancy/Parenting, please be kind enough to direct them there.

If you post on a board that does not match your stage of TTC, please offer your advice, but refrain from mocking others.  We were all ?newbies? at one point ? you can be of great help to another mom or mom-to-be by offering your advice and experience.  For example, if a newly pregnant member is unsure of what to eat, direct them to our 1st Tri FAQs or offer your own tips.  See a member who is brand new to TTC? Direct them to our TTC basics.

Being snarky can be funny, but there is a difference between snarky and mean.  If you see responses that are harassing in nature or contain profanity, please hit the report button.  Some of you have expressed confusion when it comes to what?s allowed and what?s not ? you can read our Terms of Use if you are unsure.  We know you are adults, and often times we think it?s fine to use adult language when sharing a story.  However, when profanity is directed at another member, it will not be tolerated, and you will be warned via email or will lose posting rights at our discretion.

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