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This may be a stupid question...Post Coital test

okay...I know that this might sound stupid, but I can not find anything on the internet related to my question.

Would a post coital test decrease your chance of getting pregnant that same cycle?  My theory is that they "drain" everything out (including sperm) around the time of ovulation, so there would be nothing to fertilize the egg if it was released that day right? 

I feel so embarrassed to ask, but really want to know if my theory is way off. 

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Re: This may be a stupid question...Post Coital test

  • For the Post Coital they just take a swab of your cervix - kind of like a PAP.  It's just to see if the sperm are doing well - I can't remember what it is called, but some women's cervix/fluid is unfriendly for sperm so that they are checking for that.  Also, they can do a quick check of the sperm - not a full SA but just a look to see how the little guys look.


  • ohhh...I could have sworn that when I had it done, they "drained' the fluid from me to put on a disk and let me know if I have an abundant amount of cm or not. 
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  • Just so you know my doctor finds it to be a questionable test and so he skipped it. In fact I don't think many of us here have done it.
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