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How long for SA results?

I took the specimen to the lab on Monday and have not heard anything at all.  My OB is out of town for the week, but I was hoping that someone would call us, especially if there was an issue.

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Re: How long for SA results?

  • Well if they are doing the Kreuger method of testing I beleive it can take  up to 12-14 days.
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  • I think ours took 5-7 days
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  • It took ours 3 days. I would call the office.
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    My DH just did it this week on wednesday, and he heard the results the next day.  We just got them in the mail today so I could share them with my OB.  His motility was a little low, so maybe that's why they called so quickly.  I wouldn't think more than 3-4 days before you should hear something.


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  • DH's was on a tuesday and we got the results on the following Monday - well I got them from my Ob/gyn.

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