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Well I got tired of waiting yesterday and called the receptionist instead of the nurses line and asked her what the deal was.  They say they were trying to get in touch with me since last week - but I have no calls or messages from them.  Strange. 

Anyway - she put me through to the nurse and I finally got word that the RE wants me to stay on the active BCP for another week.  Boo.  Apparently my platelet count is slightly elevated and she wants to see it come down more before we start the Lupron.  Of course, the nurse and my GP both thought the number was not significant and shouldn't impact anything - but my RE is super conservative and wants to make sure everything is perfect.  I understand - but it's still frustrating to have to wait another week.

 So send good platelet vibes (whatever that means) my way for next week and hopefully she'll finally give me the go ahead!

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