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Tell me about HSG...

My doctor brought it up to me yesterday for the first time.  Does it hurt?  How long does it take to do?  Is it a myth or true that it increases your chance of pregnancy afterwards?



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Re: Tell me about HSG...

  • It's true! kinda sorta..


    The HSG proceedure puts dye into your tubes, so if your IF is caused by a blockage  you would have improved results.  I have seen numbers in the single digits....wanna say 2% increase in pg rates out of 100 women?

    So if you aren't ovulating it's not going to help. But if your all blocked up in there it *might* make a difference.

    HSG caused me some cramping.  The humiliation factor is much higher, imho, with this proceedure than some of the othere I had.  Even IUI was better becuase it was much, much faster.

  • ditto the above post... I had some mild cramping and it was uncomfortable...but not painful.  It was pretty fast though.  The whole set up took longer but the procedure was only a couple of minutes.

    I was so scared and crying before it...looking back I don't know wasn't THAT bad...

    good luck!

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  • I just met a women stressing about this at the RE the other day.  Ditto wasn't that bad.  I have heard that some women find it excruciating, but over all, it was one of the easier procedures i experienced.  I think everyone has different experiences with each procedure.  I know that i have had some performed twice and they were like night and day.

    Good luck! 

  • I was one of those women that it hurt.  The dye and stuff hurt (I have heard it's like being 10 weeks pregnant all at once) and I was a little crampy, dizzy, naseous for about an hour afterwards.  I was really glad that my mom had gone with me because she drove us home.  I could have made it - but i made it a lot nicer to be the passenger.  By the time we got home and I went to lay down - 30-45 mintues - I felt so much better, and when I woke up from my nap - I felt back to normal.  But, I had asked the same question and most women said it was no big deal for them - so I do think I was in the minority. 

  • This whole time I'm thinking it's just a long pap smear!  It's not?  Now I'm getting scared. =( 
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  • For me it hurt after like crampy/bloaty.... It was neat to see the dye go through though ! It is not bad, and you will be glad to get it over with.


    ETA I had it done the cycle before this BFP!

  • I honestly don't remember having any cramping or bleeding after.  But in the middle of it I heard "uh oh!" The stupid dr. did it wrong and had to take it out and start all over again.  That was NOT fun, but I am pretty sure NOT typical. 

    Mainly I wanted to make sure that my client, whose kitchen I was working on, was not the dr to perform the procedure.  I had to be very specific when I made the appointment to make sure he didn't see my business.  I figured that would be awkward later in his kitchen walkthrough!  Hahaha

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  • Thanks for the info ladies...
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  • my story is atypical i would think. i found the procedure quite uncomfortable. i wouldn't say painful necessarily but very uncomfortable. the opening to my cervix is small so the dr had a hard time getting the tube in. in fact i had to use some estrogen cream later that day after the first attempt and go back the next day and do it again. my md gave me some valium to take. i recommend taking some motrin or something at least
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